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Ceux qui restent / Pastures New

Edition: 2020

Selected by the Festival: ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL 2019, Sibiu, Romania

Award winner: Best Filmmaking prize in the Romanian Competition

Year of production: 2019

Country of production: Belgium

Production: Eklektik Productions

Set in: Romania

Duration: 93'

Film: Color

Directed by: Charlotte Grégoire, Anne Schiltz

The Romanian village of Mâlăncrav. There’s always people leaving for uncertain and temporary work in western Europe, in the hope of making a better life back home. The ebb and flow of departures and homecomings affects every family. Through intimate portraits of people at the heart of the community, the film tells the stories of strong and determined women; of young people still without a care in the world; and of the last remaining shepherds clinging onto their flocks.


Date of the projection:

Location of the projection:
Online from 30th August. From 20th August go to, register and discover the cinema program. Streaming starts on August 27