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Edition: 2008

Selected by the Festival: BEELD VOOR BEELD 2007, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Year of production: 2006

Country of production: Ukraine

Production: Tribu Films

Set in: Ukraine

Duration: 57'

Film: Color

Directed by: Jara Malevez

Lopukhovo… A forgotten Ukrainian village deep in the heart of the Carpathian forest. The only resource of the village is the forest. Today, it is threatened by forestry development that no longer works for the benefit of the villagers. Lopukhovo and its inhabitants: women, men and their poignant spirit of resistance. A mosaic of “life in spite of everything” in another Europe whose existence we just keep on forgetting.


Date of the projection:
28/04/2008 6:00 pm

Location of the projection:
Cinema Multisala Modena (viale S. Francesco D'Assisi, 6 – Trento)