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Rosia Montana. Town on the brink

Edition: 2014

Selected by the Festival: ETHNOCINECA 2013, Vienna, Austria

Year of production: 2012

Country of production: Germany, Romania

Production: Bildfolge Dokumentarfilm

Set in: Romania

Duration: 78'

Film: Color

Directed by: Fabian Daub

Rosia Montana has been thrown into a state of disarray ever since the arrival of a Romanian gold mining corporation with powerful Canadian shareholders. The corporation is planning on razing a large portion of the town and its surroundings to the ground in order to gain access to the rock there, which happens to hold the largest gold deposits in Europe. The people are poised to lose their homes, but a small group of inhabitants are battling against the Company and defending their homes with all they have.


Date of the projection:
28/06/2017 12:00 am

Location of the projection:
Cinema Multisala Modena (Viale S. Francesco D’Assisi, 6 – Trento)