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Shaman Tour

Edition: 2011

Selected by the Festival: FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL JEAN ROUCH 2010, Paris, France


Year of production: 2009

Country of production: France

Production: FAG / Les Ateliers du Doc / CNRS

Set in: Mongolia

Duration: 63'

Film: Color

Directed by: Laetitia Merli

Every summer, Enkhetuya and her family set up their camp on the Huvsgul Lake shores, in North Mongolia. They are Tsaatan, reindeer herders and she is a famous shaman. They live from tourism, asking money for pictures, souvenirs and special shamanic rituals for the tourists. This year, other Tsaatan families have planned to move down from the taiga to the lake to get their part of the tourist business. The competition to be the first camp on the tourist road is getting harder. The film explores the relationships between locals and tourists as well as the family’s strategies to survive in a globalised world.

Video / Trailer


Date of the projection:
01/05/2011 3:30 pm

Location of the projection:
Cinema Multisala Modena (viale S. Francesco D'Assisi, 6 – Trento)