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The Hill

Edition: 2015

Selected by the Festival: ETHNOCINECA 2014, Vienna, Austria

Year of production: 2013

Country of production: Romania/Czech Republic

Production: Prague Film School s.r.o.

Set in: Romania

Duration: 23'

Film: Color

Directed by: Anca Paunescu

“The Hill” gives a glimpse into the life of one of the last very isolated and archaic settlements in the Romanian mountains. It is a portrait of a place where life has a different meaning and time has another pace. In a world that is more and more driven by fast gains by any means, the Hill and its people appear to be one of the last enclaves, where man has still a deep connection to nature, his land and animals.


Date of the projection:
03/05/2015 5:15 pm

Location of the projection:
Cinema Multisala Modena (Viale S. Francesco D’Assisi, 6 – Trento)