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Program 2020




Thursday 27th August – Wednesday 2nd September 2020

online from 28th August –
HEARTBOUND. A DIFFERENT KIND OF LOVE STORY, by Janus Metz, Sine Plambech, Denmark, 2018, 90 min
American Anthropological Associations Film and Media Festival 2018, San Jose, California | Award for Best Feature
Royal Anthropological Film Festival 2019, Bristol | «Werbner Award» for Visual Anthropology

Sommai, a former sex worker from Pattaya in Thailand, came to Denmark 25 years ago to marry Niels. Ever since, she has helped countless women from her village in Thailand marry Danish men, including her niece Kae. Ten years later, we meet all of them again and see what consequences their choices in life have had for themselves and their children. Intimately and attentively, destinies, dreams and needs are woven together in an existential life journey.

online from 29th August –
BEWEGUNGEN EINES NAHEN BERGS / MOVEMENTS OF A NEARBY MOUNTAINGE, by Sebastian Brameshuber, Austria, 2019, 85 min
Open City Docs Festival 2019, London | Open City Award

In a remote, abandoned industrial site near a centuries-old ore mine in the Austrian Alps, a self-taught mechanic runs a business repurposing and exporting used cars to his native Nigeria. Bewegungen eines nahen Bergs quietly observes him as he pursues his lonely day-to-day activities with serenity and precision, dismantling, cleaning and fixing motors and other car parts; and then in Nigeria, hustling to sell on the fruits of his labour.

online from 30th August –
CEUX QUI RESTENT / PASTURES NEW, by Charlotte Grégoire, Anne Schiltz, Belgium, 2019, 93 min
Astra Film Festival 2019, Sibiu | Best Filmmaking prize in the Romanian Competition

The Romanian village of Mâlăncrav. There’s always people leaving for uncertain and temporary work in western Europe, in the hope of making a better life back home. The ebb and flow of departures and homecomings affects every family. Through intimate portraits of people at the heart of the community, the film tells the stories of strong and determined women; of young people still without a care in the world; and of the last remaining shepherds clinging onto their flocks.

online from 31th August –
TINDAYA VARIATIONS, by Isaac Marrero-Guillamon, United Kingdom, 2018, 40 min
Royal Anthropological Film Festival 2019, Bristol | Commendation for the «Werbner Award» for Visual Anthropology

Tindaya (Fuerteventura, Canary Islands) is more than a mountain. It was a sacred site for the indigenous people of Fuerteventura; later, its rock was quarried and sold for ornamental purposes; more recently, it was the proposed location for a “Monument to Tolerance” designed by artist Eduardo Chillida. Today, goat herders and tourists cross paths on it. The film explores the multiple meanings of this site, against a background of tourism, post-crisis ruins and arid landscapes.

online from 1st September –
SAKREŠTAN / SACRIST, by Luka Klapan, Croatia, 2017, 17min
International Festival of Ethnological Film Belgrade 2019, Belgrade | Special mention for the contribution to Intangible Cultural Heritage

Stipe lives in the idyllic Dalmatian town of Novigrad, and is one of the few residents who still haven’t lost faith. Stipe is the last witness of the local traditions and customs.