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Year 2016



Europe’s peripheries: new Russia and old USSR
Europe’s peripheries: migrations and subcultures

Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina in collaboration with Trento Film Festival

 Trento, 1st-2nd May 2016

Eurorama 10. In its tenth edition, “Eurorama. One Europe of peoples in ethnographic film festivals”, curated by the Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina (Museum of Uses and Customs of the Trentino People), puts forwards once again with its own formula two days of ethnographic films selected among the prize or award-winning ones among the major European festivals of ethnographic film. With characteristic freedom, these works focus upon urgent matters, telling stories directly located on the geographic and social margins of our continent.
The first day’s theme is that of Russia’s cultural heritage: the one of the suburbs of Moscow, with its many ethnic and linguistic minorities; its fatal attraction upon those who come from other countries to seek a wife; those who have gone elsewhere in search of work; and those who continue to confront themselves, after some thirty years, with the symbols of the Soviet Union.
The second day’s films introduce us into the heart of worlds next to us, though little explored, from the slums of our major cities to the Roma villages of the countryside, and help us to better understand the problems of people trying to reach Europe attracted by dreams of a better life or who remains embroiled in the limbo of contradictory European policies as to migrants and refugees. In a year in which Schengen’s agreements are being challenged for the first time, “Eurorama. The Europe of peoples in ethnographic film festival” offers to its audience a unique opportunity to consider issues as urgent as ever through the direct gaze of ethnographic film.


• Sunday 1st May
EURORAMA 10.1 Europe’s peripheries: new Russia and old USSR – Cinema Modena, viale San Francesco d’Assisi, 6 – Trento

3:15 pm

RUSSIAN ANTHROPOLOGICAL FILM FESTIVAL 2015, Ekaterinburg, Russia Best Anthropology Award
Dreams from the Other Seaside, by Anatoly Dobryakov, Russia, 2014, 23′

Pursuit of Luck, by Maria Dzidzeva, Vladimir Stojcevski & Goran Stoilkovic, Republic of Macedonia, 2013, 66′

5.15 pm

Super Women, by Yael Kipper e Ronen Zaretzky, Turtles Films, Israel, 2013, 79′

7.15 pm

INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ETHNOLOGICAL FILM 2015, Belgrade, Serbia – Grand Prix of the Festival
Shunu will come, by Salvat Yuzeev; Marina Galatskaya, Russia, 2011, 42′

WORLD FILM FESTIVAL 2015, Tartu, Estonia
The Ruler
, by Shalva Shengeli; Nino Chutkerashvili, Georgia, 2014, 53′

9.15 pm

BEELD VOOR BEELD 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Forest is like the Mountains, by Christiane Schmidt and Didier Guillain, Ferdinand Freising  (HFF München), Germany / Romania, 2014, 101′

• Monday 2nd May
CARNIVAL KING OF EUROPE. A European project of visual anthropology
by the Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina, with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.
Carnival King of Europe. Ethnographic films 2015 – 2016 New films from Puglia (Putignano); Marche (Acquasanta Terme); Veneto (Canale d’Agordo); Trentino (Cembra); Austria (Zell am See). Speakers Giovanni Kezich, Antonella Mott, Michele Trentini
10.00 am Sala Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Trento e Rovereto (via Garibaldi 33 – Trento)

EURORAMA 10.2 Europe’s peripheries: migrations and subcultures – Cinema Modena, viale San Francesco d’Assisi, 6 – Trento

3.15 pm

JEAN ROUCH 2015, Paris, France – Prix Mario Ruspoli. Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication
Memories of a Bright Future, by José Vieira, Zeugma Films, France, 2014, 78′

5.15 pm

RAI INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ETHNOGRAPHIC FILM 2015, Bristol, United Kingdom – Wiley Blackwell Student Film Prize
Leaving Greece, by Anna Brass, HFF Munich, Germany, 2013, 79′

7.15 pm

DAYS OF ETHNOGRAPHIC FILM 2015, Ljubljana, Slovenia
The Land between, by David Fedele, Morocco / Australia, 2014, 78′

9.15 pm

ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL SIBIU 2015, Sibiu, Romania – Grand Prize of the Festival
Spartacus & Cassandra, by Ioannis Nuguet, Morgane, France, 2014, 81′


Films of this edition